Complete Guide to Feeding Your Dog Vegan Food

We introduce you to all the science and research behind vegan dogs and why you should feed your dog vegan food.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

This study by the American Dietetic Association states that plant based diets are healthy and nutritious when planned correctly.

Harvard University Health

This Harvard University study concludes that plant based diets reduce the risk of ‘many chronic illnesses.’

Mortality study in the UK (comparison of plant based vs non-plant based diets)

This study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition focuses on the differences in cause of death in a variety of diets, including plant based diets.

Gut Microbiota Health

This study explores the health advantages of a vegan diet and how vegan and vegetarian diets promote gut health- by doing analysis on poo!

Diabetes management through Vegan diet

This study shows about diabetes management shows how type 2 diabetes can be managed more effectively through a vegan diet.