Green Petfood Veggie Dog Grain Free Vegan Dog Food

This is the Green Petfood Veggie Dog Grain Free Vegan Dog Food which is made by Green Petfood which is made in Germany. It uses the main ingredient potato as the bulk of the foods ingredients and the following oils: [node:field_food_oil]. 

It is packaged in paper and will cost you approximately $68 for a full serving of the food and works out about $6.80 $ per kilogram as it weighs 10.00kgkg.

The food should be kept in the cupboard as it is a dry vegan dog food.


[node:field_food_additives] adult dried potato, pea flour, Potato Protein, plant oil, partially hydrolysed yeast, minerals, beet fibre, apple fibre, hydrolysed vegetable protein, ground chicory root, herbs, Fruit, dried algae processed and wholefoods

[node:field_food_ash] [node:field_food_calories] 12.00% [node:field_food_fiber] [node:field_food_moisture] 20.00%

Food storage
Food rating
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Analytical constituents group

Food fat
Food protein
Food ingredients composition
  • Grain-free complete food with potatoes and peas for sensitive adult dogs
  • 100% vegetarian, 99.99% vegan (contains 0.01% Vitamin D3 from lanolin)
  • Delicious herbs and forest fruits round off the veggie menu
  • Climate-positive: through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we compensate for 125% of our CO2 emissions.
Food brand
Food origin
Green Petfood Veggie Dog Grain Free Vegan Dog Food
Food texture
Food main ingredient
Food age
Food composition
dried potato
pea flour
Potato Protein
plant oil
partially hydrolysed yeast
beet fibre
apple fibre
hydrolysed vegetable protein
ground chicory root
dried algae
Food weight
Food price
Food price per kilo
Food packaging
Food location available
United Kingdom
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