Noochy Poochy Cheese and Herb Puppy Vegan Dog Food

This is the Noochy Poochy Cheese and Herb Puppy Vegan Dog Food which is made by Noochy Poochy which is made in United Kingdom. It uses the main ingredient chickpeas as the bulk of the foods ingredients and the following oils: olive, rapeseed

It is packaged in foil and will cost you approximately $30 for a full serving of the food and works out about $15.00 $ per kilogram as it weighs 2.00kgkg.

The food should be kept in the cupboard as it is a dry vegan dog food.


[node:field_food_additives] puppy Chickpeas, soybean, organic rice protein concentrate, naked oats, Lentils, pea protein concentrate, sweet lupins, organic brown rice, rapeseed oil, Nutritional Yeast, Yeast Extract, olive oil, tomato puree, dried carrot, Linseed, marine algal oil, Mortierella alpina oil, driec chicory nutritionally complete

[node:field_food_ash] [node:field_food_calories] [node:field_food_fat] [node:field_food_fiber] [node:field_food_moisture] [node:field_food_protein]

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All the goodness and nutrients needed for both growing puppies and healthy adults is packed into our teeny-tiny bite-size, delicious and fully complete Puppy & Small Adult kibble.

Premium ingredients include chickpeas, responsibly-sourced soybeans and sweet lupins, blended with nutritional yeast, mixed herbs and yeast extract for a more-ish cheesy-umami-herby flavour.

Also suitable for older dogs with fewer teeth.

With vegan Omega 3s EPA & DHA and vegan Omega 6 ARA.

Food brand
Food origin
United Kingdom
Noochy Poochy Cheese and Herb Puppy Vegan Dog Food
Food texture
Food main ingredient
Food age
Food composition
organic rice protein concentrate
naked oats
pea protein concentrate
sweet lupins
organic brown rice
rapeseed oil
Nutritional Yeast
Yeast Extract
olive oil
tomato puree
dried carrot
marine algal oil
Mortierella alpina oil
driec chicory
Food weight
Food price
Food price per kilo
Food oil
Food packaging
Food location available
United Kingdom
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